Systems Source

Imagination Meets Execution For This Powerhouse Firm

In the contract interiors business, every detail of your clients’ space is your obsession. But when System Source came to the Ocean Group to update their web presence, we quickly switched roles. From the modernization of their brand positioning, to the true expression of their accomplishments and expertise, we found ourselves immersed in their spectacular projects. From the playful interiors of Nickelodeon to the glamorous and sophisticated look of NYX, we blended gorgeous photography with carefully considered messaging to highlight both the quality of their work and the proven methodologies behind it.
Our scope included a customized CMS, a fresh theme and simple templates to streamline their staff’s page development. We also provided both a framework and a ‘toolkit’ for effortless client execution. The result is a site that is as flexible, modern and stunning as the interiors themselves.




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