Living Calendar

Creating an intuitive calendar that is an extension of you.

Calendars. They’re only as good as what you put in them. That is, until two guys came up with Living Calendar, a calendar that becomes anticipatory and intuitive based on your online behavior.

The Living Calendar guys came to us with the equivalent of a concept written on a bar napkin. But they believed in it. And, soon, so did we. Our job was to create a small-scale Proof-of-Concept model to get investors interested in Living Calendar.

First on the agenda was, well, creating the agenda. We figured out what Living Calendar looked like, how it functioned and what it could offer. We had to create a full, working prototype of the product. So we got busy. From logo design, brand identity and website development to a business plan to launch the full-scale product first regionally, then nationally, we had taken the delicate seeds of an idea and turned it into a working reality.

Our fully functioning, small-scale version of Living Calendar, combined with a solid and strategic business plan, helped Living Calendar attract potential investors, and now it’s on the brink of going live. More proof that great ideas and great teams go together.




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