Collateral Finance Corporation

The Leading Precious Metal Lender Gets Polished

Any investor will tell you that the financial markets aren’t what they used to be. The way that people buy, sell and even store their assets is different in the modern age. The same can be said for a digital presence. What was smart, innovative and engaging 5 or even 3 years ago just won’t work anymore. The great minds at CFC (Collateral Finance Corporation) understood this inherently when they reached out to The Ocean Group to assist with hosting, support and recrafting their website with a modern edge.
We started with a deep dive into the world of bullion and numismatic lending (i.e. related to coins or currency). What we found is that while the space may seem complex and daunting, what’s at the core is what’s true for most brands—it’s all about trust and security.
The next step was to create a simple navigation that could reflect the simple and honest facts about their business. Additional layers were also created for the complexities of this type of lending practices. Then we worked closely with the client to craft language and imagery that would not only best represent their core values but also articulate that value and strength to the potential customers.
Finally we integrated all of their internal digital functionality to help weave together the company’s external outreach with incoming leads and existing client management. The result? Worth its weight in gold…




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