Here Since The Beginning, Always Ahead Of The Curve.

In a world of marketing smoke and mirrors, The Ocean Group is a different kind of digital agency. Our team is transparent, lean and highly efficient. We've been around long enough to see fads come and go, yet are nimble enough to master new technologies before others see them coming. Working with The Ocean Group, you'll always know you’ve got the best looking out for your best interest, no interns, underlings or outsourcing.

Brook Boley

Art Director
Brook is an artist’s art director. He finds the smart and beautiful way to bring an idea to life. His formidable talent is complemented by his affinity for technology and its ability to enhance art and communication. He loves every part of his craft from developing TV campaigns to designing websites. In fact, he started digital departments from the ground up at several big agencies. This led him to understand that no matter the medium, a great idea is a great idea. He is the perfect hybrid of a traditional creative and tech wizard which explains his rich experience in digital, broadcast, brand, retail, print and design work. His talents are universal.


When it comes to our bottom line, Sunnie is the best accounting ninja we could hope for. Sunnie has the unique ability to make sure all our little pebbles of sand add up correctly in the midst of all the tidal swings of new business and existing clients. When she's not keeping our numbers in line, she's probably reading Jane Austen while rollerblading.

Amelia Dalgaard

Story Teller
A reformed tv producer, Amelia’s writing experience is about as diverse as her interests. She has written everything from scripts for VH1 News to a thesis on ancient Japanese literature. Amelia’s professional experience includes brands such as Design Within Reach, Neoporte Modern Door and Paramount Pictures. A passionate automotive enthusiast, Amelia also writes a blog about modern car culture.

Jose Martinez

Director of technology
Jose has 17+ years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer highly skilled in designing, implementing, and installing software solutions as well as developing high quality software designs and architectures. He is adept at developing various tools and applications by producing clean & efficient code, conducting systems analysts to improve operations, and automating tasks through appropriate tools and scripting.

Jason Gilbert

From an early age, Jason knew he wanted to build a life that offered him space, fluidity freedom, respect and power, properties that mirrored the ocean that he loved. That's just what he has done with The Ocean Group. As a Southern California native, he leads and inspires his people with his own easy, positive manner and empowers them to achieve great things for every client. His knowledge, vision and humble energy are the core of The Ocean Group as he constantly navigates new horizons.

Rebecca Rogers

Experience Designer
Rebecca brings a wave of diverse digital experience to project management. Founding creative director of Skype & Kazaa, MTV nominated writer, pioneer in interactive 3D for web, web designer and creative engineer in augmented reality technology. Her in-depth understanding of various team roles brings adept management to successful creative projects.


Client Services
Martin has been connecting brands and businesses to consumers for more than 20 years across digital, social and experiential. He’s developed and integrated strategies for brands like Dodge, Fiat, MOPAR, Peak and Wilson Baseball. Martin has a broad set of tools at his fingertips; he can pull audience insights and develop targets, build out a digital communications strategy, whip out a few lines of copy, and then wrap up his week writing a complex SQL query.


From Art College of Design in Pasadena (1991), to today, serving as Partner/Creative Director of The Ocean Group. With over 300 website builds. 25 years of Photoshop design experience that includes working on projects for Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Paramount Pictures, Downtown LA and others, as well as packaging, displays and catalogs for the likes of Barefoot Dreams, Guess, Quiksilver, Levi Strauss and Talon Zippers. Brad is also a Director, Cinematographer, Editor of over 100 videos/commercials. Brad has experience to stay on the cutting edge of great design with proven results.


Creative Writer
Everywhere, a story. At least that's the way our lead writer sees it. Carrie has created award-winning advertising across all media by telling compelling brand stories. Every brand has a truth and their own unique voice in which to tell it. A flair for wit doesn't hurt either. She's helped developed brands that include eHarmony, Blue Shield, Public Storage, and Volkswagen. 
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