A-Mark Precious Metals

Polishing A Metal Giant 

When a Fortune 500 company snowballs, the new umbrella organization isn’t always simple to articulate. After a period of tremendous growth, A-Mark Precious Metals was ready to reimagine its online presence. The two goals were simple: 1) communicate the new ecosystem clearly and 2) do so without disrupting the existing, very active clientele. 

We began with a deep dive into A-Mark’s business capabilities and customer behavior. Because A-Mark’s post-acquisition portfolio includes everything from retail sales to collateral lending, we found clear buckets and visual cues to simplify the complex organization. After analyzing the website’s data and traffic patterns, we protected the most critical content as we rolled out a fresh new design with minimal friction.

Now that A-Mark.com is reborn, its consumers, clients, and investors alike can appreciate the depth and knowledge of the country’s leading precious metal companies. 




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