Montclair Place

Reinvention is the name of the game.

Montclair Plaza had come to be known as “The mall.” Stores. Shopping. Food court. Which worked well for years. But as time marched on and more stylish competition moved into the neighborhood, Montclair Plaza realized it needed not only a major renovation but a total reinvention.

The idea was to take Montclair Plaza from being an amalgamation of stores to Montclair Place – a shopping and entertainment destination that offered premium retail outlets, upscale dining choices, all in a stylish, contemporary atmosphere. In short, big changes.

The Ocean Group was tapped as the Digital Agency of Record to create their online presence to represent this exciting transformation. We created a website that provided up-to-date information on events, featured pages that highlighted the dining and entertainment options, and navigation tools to help customers find everything they needed to make their visit to Montclair Place enjoyable and memorable.

We successfully introduced Montclair Place as a destination by creating a fresh and sleek website for 2016. We’ve also revamped their analytics and electronic marketing to better convert their digital traffic to physical traffic. More exciting changes to come as we continue to engage consumers online and keep customers coming back for more.




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