Stack’s Bowers

The Industry Leader Gets A New Edge

Stack’s Bowers may not be a household name, but it reigns supreme in the world of rare and collectible currency. But being on top isn’t always easy, especially when your website needs work. 

We started with a deep dive into their business and the online traffic flow. Because Stack’s site is a vital source of time-sensitive information for its clients, site downtime or malfunction simply wasn’t an option. Thus, we took Stack’s existing content and slightly polished it while refreshing the site functionality with minimal disruption. Now the pertinent information is obvious at glance and while obscure facts stay searchable in the background. Most importantly, we created a site that enables quick and easy client edits, so the content always remains fresh.

The result is a new web presence that feels familiar to existing users and appealing to new prospects. Is that important for Stack’s business? You bet your bottom dollar!




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