Creating an entire visual inventory was no small task. Big thinking helped.

Without looking inside, could you name all the stuff in your house? It was an interesting question posed to us by DocuHome. They had come up with an idea to develop a service where users could purchase, create, maintain and secure a visual inventory of their possessions across one or more homes.

But the idea was all they had. DocuHome didn’t have enough raw materials to launch a business at this point. We were starting with a blank slate. Which happens to be our favorite place to start. We were asked to develop a full end-to-end software service for DocuHome. We rolled up our sleeves and conceptualized and planned the site, creating specifications to make the user interface simple to use, allowing members to easily upload photos and maintain their inventory over time.

In addition, we also created the associated management, billing and customer service software so that DocuHome could be up and running with ease.

When we were done, DocuHome was ready to launch their business and quickly became one of the most successful home inventory websites in the marketplace. Trust us. We have photographic evidence




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