How creating something fun and engaging compelled users to take action.

The new VP of Sales at Adobe needed a fresh solution to an old problem. How do I better motivate my sales force? Adobe had an incentive program in place called Platinum Club that used vacation destinations as its draw. But involvement and excitement was low. The program needed a revamp, infused with some sophisticated and exciting ideas.

His goal, he confessed, was that he wanted to take their global sales forces and make them feel like they were part of their own small community. Competition was important, but so was a healthy fellowship among sales teams.

That’s where we came in. We instantly understood that this was the perfect crossing of creativity and strategy. We rebranded Platinum Club, created a logo and began to promote the upscale destinations and perks in a much more interesting way. We created a yearlong campaign of online games, promotions and social media programs that rolled out every month, designed to inform and generate excitement for each unique and exquisite destination. It drew in users from around the global organization.

The revamped, rebranded program resulted in a huge increase in the sales force involvement around the globe and Adobe says it has fostered a healthy atmosphere of competition and camaraderie among the sales teams, who interact with each other more than ever. Competition really does bring out the best in us.




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