Mellow Beverage

Big Splash: How an exciting marketing plan launched a relaxing water.

Mellow Beverage Company came to us with a great new product: a water drink that reduces stress and relieves anxiety. The goal was to launch the prototype in Southern California and hopefully get the attention of a national distributor.

The problem? No brand identity. Or strategy. Or marketing plan. They were starting from Square One.

Luckily, we specialize in Square One. After strategizing and concepting and doing what we do best, we were able to create a simple, bold packaging design and develop an ad campaign that highlighted the essence of the brand. We launched the work in offline, online and social media channels with in-store, promotional and experiential marketing to get the drink in the hands — and mouths — of the people. Excitement grew fast.

10 months later, not only did Mellow Beverage Company successfully launch their water drink and attract the attention of a national distributor, they also had a little distributor called Pepsi knocking on their door. Relaxation water made a big splash.




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