I:CO Systems

A novel idea: Reinventing recycling with easy-to-use incentives.

We all know that we should recycle. But a little company with a big idea aimed to make us want to recycle…AND have retailers want to engage in product responsibility. With consumers tossing billions of pounds of unwanted apparel and footwear into landfills every year, I:CO (short for I:Collect) created a program to change this habit and give these valuable goods continuous new life. We can now bring them to a participating retailer like H&M, drop them in the collection bin and receive a coupon towards a new purchase. It’s simple, convenient and rewarding to do the right thing. Our part in this great program was to help develop a 360 degree launch of the company in the US. This included strategic planning, brand positioning, sales and marketing tools development, retailer recruitment, logistics procedures, strategic partnerships and program management. From brochures, powerpoint presentations and website development to speaking engagements and exhibit creation, we have helped I:CO embark on their immense journey to go beyond a mere recycling solution and create a new way of life for apparel and footwear and all of us. Recycle. Redeem. Renew.




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