Daily Donor

The Donation Revolution Has Begun.

Raising money is hard. From school enrichment programs to field trips to baseball uniforms, getting volunteers mobilized and people to give money takes a lot of work. Despite the recent advances in technology, the process hasn’t changed in decades—print flyers and awkward phone calls are still the norm. DailyDonor envisioned a better way. By combining local daily spending with local fundraising, DailyDonor enables local businesses to give back while consumers spend locally and help their community thrive. This great idea, and its great mission, just needed help getting the word out.

The Ocean Group was honored to get involved at the early stages of this fundraising revolution. We created DailyDonor’s new website. print collateral, video tutorials and infographics with messaging for all sides of the experience–charities, businesses and consumers. Our customized technology also allowed for donations to be processed quickly and accurately, which minimized accounting for all parties. Additional market specific content helped to mobilize a community and create an active and engaged beta test to prove that this concept is not only exciting but it works.

As DailyDonor grew, we created additional functionality for its donation process, enabling additional business types to get involved. Our email and social campaigns were backed by powerful analytics, allowing DailyDonor to further target its audience and increase effectiveness. We know that, thanks to DailyDonor, the donation evolution is just getting started and we’re happy to say that we’ve had a hand in its transformation.




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