Music nerds & Technology geeks, communicating at last.

If you’ve ever had a meltdown setting up your stereo equipment, then you’ll understand why Obedia exists. Obedia offers technical support and services to address the unique needs of high-end music production companies and individuals. They came to us with complex technological issues. We were up to the challenge.

We started by developing the core company customer service issue tracking and resolution system that their pool of technical staff could use to intake and field issues by phone, email and IM. We also developed and integrated several retailer Point-of-sale systems to allow a customer to purchase support time via a retail package and have it validated and activated at the register. And then we developed the first system to support the electronic wholesale purchase and distribution of music industry software, connecting publishers to their distributors and retailers in real time. Overall, we streamlined and simplified the entire process and made customers happy along the way.

When it came to delivering our technical expertise to the unique needs of this music industry service provider, we cranked it up to 11.




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