Chat in a language everyone can understand.

Communication is key; and that’s hard when you don’t speak the same language. Meglobe approached us with their concept of making a natural language translation engine that continually improves itself by picking the brains of its users.

Our job was two-fold. First, strategy: We created an approach for quickly developing a patentable state-of-the-art language translation software without Intellectual Property rights concerns, assisted in contract negotiations with 3rd party service providers to ensure IP security and developed a product plan to bring it from concept to reality. We also established a strategic partnership with an existing and mature translation system to help train our baseline system. Worked like a charm. The second part of the project was the technology itself. We designed the software platforms and specs, established development workflow and standards, managed day-to-day operations within technology, provided problem solving and engineering support and oversaw the project and the clients technical resources as a whole until they got off the ground.

We could get into the nitty-gritty and discuss the highly customized XMPP IM servers we used to feed the translation engine, The decision-making techniques we concepted for the AI, the ground-up development of the translation engine using MOSES as a starting point, the real-time user contributions through our IM client, and the web and desktop versions of it, but all you need to know is that their concept and our know-how added up to a free and open communication, in any language.


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