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The new VP of Sales at Adobe needed a fresh solution to an old problem. How do I better motivate my sales force? Adobe had an incentive program in place called Platinum Club that used vacation destinations as its draw. But involvement and excitement was low. The program needed a revamp, infused with some sophisticated […]

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Sports Academy

Mind. Body. Spirit. The Sports Academy takes a whole body approach to fitness at every level. With a world-class facility and premier trainers and coaches, it knows exactly how to elevate the performance of anyone. But building brands is a little different than building muscles. The Sports Academy turned to The Ocean Group for help

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New Balance LA

New Balance LA needed to improve sales in retail stores and online. We applied digital and traditional marketing tactics and blanketed marketing channels with NBLA’s unique balance of informative content and purchasing options. Online fitting tools and appointment setting. Money Makers. Potato, po-tah-to.

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Coffee Bean

Neighborhood shops with warm atmosphere and delicious hot beverages. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf had a magical combination. What they didn’t have was a successful digital presence that could increase sales. That’s where we came in. We started by developing an online strategy. Then we tackled the development of a new site complete with a

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I:CO Systems

We all know that we should recycle. But a little company with a big idea aimed to make us want to recycle…AND have retailers want to engage in product responsibility. With consumers tossing billions of pounds of unwanted apparel and footwear into landfills every year, I:CO (short for I:Collect) created a program to change this

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Saltwater Loyalty

Today’s savvy retailer knows that the modern consumer expects more from their purchases. They expect excellent customer service, a quality shopping experience, and, if they are a repeat shopper, they expect rewards. However a good rewards program is difficult to craft, cumbersome to implement and expensive to maintain. That’s where our friends at Saltwater Loyalty

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Saltwater Software

It all started with Downtown Los Angeles. The Ocean Group turned the revitalizing district into a “can’t miss” destination. We learned a lot and we turned this gargantuan project into a great success that led to a decade-long relationship with them. What we learned led to more projects with other business districts and destinations. We

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Califia Farms

Cute counts. The Cuties brand was looking to launch a new line of tangerine-based juices. We developed a website to accompany their launch and developed a custom photo app that enabled drinkers — mostly kids — to upload their favorite photos in a competition to become the “Cutie of the Week” and win products.

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Daily Donor

Raising money is hard. From school enrichment programs to field trips to baseball uniforms, getting volunteers mobilized and people to give money takes a lot of work. Despite the recent advances in technology, the process hasn’t changed in decades—print flyers and awkward phone calls are still the norm. DailyDonor envisioned a better way. By combining

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