Digital Branding


Without looking inside, could you name all the stuff in your house? It was an interesting question posed to us by DocuHome. They had come up with an idea to develop a service where users could purchase, create, maintain and secure a visual inventory of their possessions across one or more homes. But the idea …

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Coffee Bean

Neighborhood shops with warm atmosphere and delicious hot beverages. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf had a magical combination. What they didn’t have was a successful digital presence that could increase sales. That’s where we came in. We started by developing an online strategy. Then we tackled the development of a new site complete with a …

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Mellow Beverage

Mellow Beverage Company came to us with a great new product: a water drink that reduces stress and relieves anxiety. The goal was to launch the prototype in Southern California and hopefully get the attention of a national distributor. The problem? No brand identity. Or strategy. Or marketing plan. They were starting from Square One. …

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Living Calendar

Calendars. They’re only as good as what you put in them. That is, until two guys came up with Living Calendar, a calendar that becomes anticipatory and intuitive based on your online behavior. The Living Calendar guys came to us with the equivalent of a concept written on a bar napkin. But they believed in …

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Yes, that Microsoft. Even big companies were once small. And back then, in the wild, wooly internet days of 1999, we were the Agency of Record for Microsoft’s Windows Classic mobile site. We successfully managed their website and digital communications for two solid years back when hardly anyone knew what a web portal was or …

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When you design for the biggest names in fashion, even the hangtags matter. We had a hand in developing the brand strategy, international style guides, packaging, brochures and photography for the Talon brand. We also created a 100+ page catalog highlighting the ever-necessary zipper. Let’s just say when it comes to zippers, we know a …

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Big Rock Ranch

Overshadowed by the ever-popular Cali Camp, Big Rock Ranch was ready for a whole brand identity that would allow them to compete with a local competitor, Calamigos Ranch. We created a new logo, website, print collateral and signage to help them step out of the shadows and into a light of their own.

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