Daily Donor

Raising money is hard. From school enrichment programs to field trips to baseball uniforms, getting volunteers mobilized and people to give money takes a lot of work. Despite the recent advances in technology, the process hasn’t changed in decades—print flyers and awkward phone calls are still the norm. DailyDonor envisioned a better way. By combining […]

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Without looking inside, could you name all the stuff in your house? It was an interesting question posed to us by DocuHome. They had come up with an idea to develop a service where users could purchase, create, maintain and secure a visual inventory of their possessions across one or more homes. But the idea

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Collateral Finance Corporation

Any investor will tell you that the financial markets aren’t what they used to be. The way that people buy, sell and even store their assets is different in the modern age. The same can be said for a digital presence. What was smart, innovative and engaging 5 or even 3 years ago just won’t

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