The Smallest Medium Gets Ready to Expand


That tiny little screen on your mobile device has more power than you’d imagine. And that’s the substance of an article by Jennifer Marlo entitled “The role of mobile in a multi-screen world.

Jennifer points out that we’re spending an awful lot of time with our handheld computers, er, mobile devices occupying our attention. And that’s precisely why it’s imperative that brands expand their understanding of this medium and find a way to effectively use it to their best advantage.

According to Jennifer, the tablet is the main reason for the expansion in the medium. She states that “mobile video will grow by 98% in 2013.” Marlo also provides a handy checklist for any brand looking to break into the mobile medium.

While advertisers still love the gold standard of TV, it is no longer the choice of consumers. And it’s time for brands to sit up, take notice and figure out how to effectively market to the mobile-loving crowd.

And, as a side note, we’d be happy to talk about it.

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