Need a Reason to Redesign? Here’s Five.


Just when you think it’s safe to sit back and bask in the warm glow of your website, change comes galloping up the superhighway.  We ran across an illuminating article by Joseph Carrabis from iMediaConnection, who frankly describes why redesigning your website is the right move – right now.

In “5 reasons to redesign your website,” Carrabis explains that marketing errors are incredibly common, especially online marketing errors. And it all, quite predictably, comes down to these five simple things.

He manages to bring us back to basics of why consumers seek out a certain website and what they hope (and need) to find. A lot of it comes down to a combination of attention span, confusion and, ultimately, frustration for the user.

Carrabis sets up digital problems and their respective solutions so simply, it made us wonder why any business wouldn’t run to their digital agencies to fix these seemingly obvious problems right this very nanosecond.

Which is one of the main reasons we are sharing this simple and powerful logic now. Well, that and we also want to remind any prospective clients that, hey, we’re experts at this kind of thing.

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