Turning Retail Disruption Into Digital Opportunity

Retail Disruption. The headlines are everywhere and they’re alarming. For a Shopping Center or Retail Destination, the reaction to this news can be defensive– to work harder, to make do with less, to cut and cover, but while this approach may be intuitive, it can also be an opportune time to consider where to grow. For as the best minds in retail are showing us, the key to bucking the disruption is investing in digital.

We excel at helping Shopping Centers and other Retail Destinations revitalize their properties and digital presence, driving digital traffic and converting it into physical traffic.


Experiences Begin Online

If the proliferation of mobile and the adoption of social teaches us anything, it’s that consumers start most journeys with digital. Whether it’s a purchase, a meal or an excursion, the first stop is online exploration. Starbucks customers still want a hot cup of coffee, but their experience begins far before and long after that drink is consumed. To be a consideration to a consumer, your destination must be discoverable, engaging and influential.

A Website Is Not Enough

For many destinations, reworking their website feels like a monumental task that gets lost in the chaos of daily activities. But with the growth of online activity, particularly on mobile, a website is no longer an ancillary element of a brand, it is the core of a brand. If that website does not go further by linking to social feeds and offering fresh, new content, your destination will not get the digital attention or the physical traffic it deserves.

Digital Innovation Is Constant

Like a website itself, digital media in all forms is constantly evolving. To be active in the digital space is to be constantly learning, relearning and adopting new practices. The social channels that thrive today may not be relevant tomorrow. The trends and applications will inevitably be different in the days to come. To capture today’s momentum is to grow right now and be ready for what will come tomorrow.


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