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2017 Digital Marketing Predictions

One of the greatest assets of The Ocean Group is our tenure. We’ve been in the digital marketing space since the beginning and have loved every moment along the way. This experience gives us a unique perspective when it comes to trends and innovations—we are excited to see what’s new but always skeptical about what will last. We’d like to share these insights to help our friends get focused in the new year. Here are our predictions for digital marketing in 2017: Read More»

Retail Has Changed, How To Make Sure Your Digital Presence Can Keep Up

In the world of retail, the relationship between the digital world and the physical one has always been complex. But with 78% of the US population over 15 shopping online, it is impossible to ignore that most people are beginning their shopping experience outside of a store. For retail destinations, a well planned, well executed digital strategy can capture this traffic and in the process, convert digital interest into engaged and inspired physical customers. Read More»

5 Reasons Why Your Map Is More Important Than You Think:

Having a fully functional, informative map that brings customers to your business or shopping district should be easy, right? Unfortunately, many make the mistake of either using the wrong type of map for their website or not using all of the features that make a great interactive map. At The Ocean Group, we’ve had a front row seat to this evolution. Being in the trenches of software design from the beginning has given us a thorough education in what works and what doesn’t. Read More»

The best thing about the future… is the opportunity to change it.

From strategy and brand platforms to design, e-commerce and mobile, we are your go-to experts on what works for brands in the digital landscape. We provide indispensable keys to success like strategic insight and planning, paired with the technological expertise to bring ideas to life and keep them progressing. For us and for our clients, we are always looking toward the horizon for new opportunities and powerful new solutions. Read More»

Email isn’t just email anymore.

We all know how essential mobile-friendly websites are to your bottom line. It’s time to take that concept a step further, and bring the same great design elements to your mobile email. It is no longer enough to send your customers plain text emails, even if those emails are helpful and informative. We just came …

Email isn’t just email anymore. Read More »

2014: A year of change for web design

The only thing you can count on is change. That’s doubly true of web design. We ran across some interesting and smart observations from Envato founder and CEO, Collis Ta’eed. He purports exciting times ahead for web design and he does this by understanding the larger picture, accurately noticing what’s working and, more importantly, what’s …

2014: A year of change for web design Read More »

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