Email isn’t just email anymore.


We all know how essential mobile-friendly websites are to your bottom line. It’s time to take that concept a step further, and bring the same great design elements to your mobile email. It is no longer enough to send your customers plain text emails, even if those emails are helpful and informative.

We just came across a great example of mobile optimization over on, which demonstrated the big differences between text-only email versus a well-designed mobile email platform.

Thanks to gorgeous smartphone screens, your mobile emails can still take advantage of tantalizing, inviting photos. The article illustrates the perfect contrast between an all-text email platform and a responsively designed, far more dynamic email platform. The difference is glaringly apparent and serves to illustrate why optimizing your email platform should be on your short list.

Great Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Email Platform

The Litmus article outlines five key design priorities for developing an effective email program:

  1. Consistent branding across all platforms
  2. Responsive design
  3. Dealing with data-heavy content
  4. Content hierarchy
  5. Clear calls-to-action

Crossing boundaries, across platforms.

We at The Ocean Group know something about email, and how to design it to be responsive and dynamic. We turn all that technical jargon into modern and seamless templates that your audience will not only love, but will proactively respond to. Instead of that old plain text, we’ll integrate and optimize your brand and content in a mobile-friendly and easy to read format, highlighting a clear call to action button – just an easy thumb-click away.

For even more great tips, check out Vero’s incredible Ultimate Guide to Successful Email Marketing.

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