Advertising is dead. Collaboration is born.

blog-headers-2013-09We rarely get a glimpse into the future so, when we came across an article by Brandon Evans, we felt we had to share. In his article titled, “Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want Conversation,” Evans posits that marketing is rapidly changing from a monologue to consumers into a dialogue with consumers. This is called Collaborative Marketing.

He may be on to something. Consider that one third of all display ads are never shown and 86% of people skip TV ads. How do you start a dialogue with consumers if you can’t even get their attention? The article identifies five trends that support his theory of collaboration.

Democracy for everyone.

Technology gives any brand a quick and easy entry point if you understand that the people have the power. Consider crowdsourced funding sites like Indiegogo as a way to raise funds for an idea. Or consider Etsy, which gives artists a way to sell their goods in a global marketplace. Small or large, the opportunity to engage your customers is all in the approach.

Not just a consumer hook-up, but a relationship.

Evans suggests that bringing your customers behind the scenes and asking them how to make your product better is a way to create a more lasting relationship that goes beyond point of sale. What’s more, it allows brands to keep pace with the changing tastes of consumers.

Stay open.

Enough with the secret marketing formulas! How about a little transparency? Evans cites Coca-Cola’s example of a company asking its consumers how to make the world a happier place and rewarding their involvement. Sounds like a win-win all around.

Mass messaging doesn’t cut it anymore.

Peer-powered media is the future. When friends share their stories about interactions with your brand, they’re not just customers – but brand advocates. Make that kind of connection and you’re paving a road to success.

Influence is key.

What matters is not how many people see your message, but the quality of that communication. Make sure you’re using the right metrics to measure the true value of your reach.

In conclusion, is the future brighter for brands? If brands embrace collaboration and bring their consumers into the mix, it could be brighter than ever. At The Ocean Group, this concept is part of our DNA. Call us, let’s have a chat and begin our own collaboration.

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