We’ve seen the future: And it’s called Responsive Design


What exactly is responsive design? This technique allows your website to adapt to any device – whether it be a smartphone, tablet, PC, or even smart TV. Which means the experience your consumers have will be consistent across all of their devices. In short, it’s intelligent web design.

And trust us, you need it. You probably also need proof.

Let us provide some friendly stats.

According to statisticbrain.com, 76% of people are constantly connected to technology, 46% browse the Internet from their phone and 29% of people admit that the last thing they look at before they go to sleep is their phone.

This makes it painfully obvious that other devices and platforms are reaching and surpassing the importance of the traditional website viewed on a PC. Therefore the need for a strong responsively designed website is growing.

Benefits! I need the benefits to my business!

As Susan Gunelius so eloquently points out in this Forbes article on responsive design, most companies have not embraced responsive design yet. This includes some businesses which are still managing separate mobile sites that require their teams to update content across multiple systems and make it difficult to unify marketing efforts. On top of the extra effort required from staff, this can lead to confusing user experiences that cause potential customers to leave altogether.

With responsive design, you can be with your consumers at every point in their online journey. By helping, not hindering, their process you’ll create satisfied and loyal brand advocates.

And that’s just the start of the good news.

In another article about responsive design on SEOworks.com, Keith Paulin also points to some pretty compelling benefits that responsive design can deliver to businesses. Having one responsive design for all platforms means improving your customer experience, conversion rate, and even your search engine visibility.

In short, it saves you time and money. One site to manage. One set of costs. One approach to content management. One set of analytics. One strategy. That alone should alleviate your multiple platform headaches.

Plus, responsive design makes it easier for the consumer to find you, understand you and, most importantly, do business with you.

We at The Ocean Group want you to know that we are already neck deep in responsive design. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got responses.

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