Land of the Lost …or Figuring Out Facebook Metrics


Facebook metrics.

The phrase alone stirs up utter confusion and a cold sweat. So, we searched far and wide and finally found an article titled “Facebook Metrics Marketers Should Be Measuring” written by Emeric Ernoult who has successfully analyzed this kind of raw data and spit it back out in language any normal human being can understand.

There are six metrics that matter according to Ernoult and he lays them out plainly. And, as is the custom at Facebook, none of them are easy to find.

  1. Fan reach
    In its simplest terms, Fan Reach is the number of fans that have looked at your stuff. Not shared, liked or commented, but simply looked at. Essentially, this matters because it can tell you what kind of content appeals to your audience. Moral of the story: Be interesting, stay interesting, reach more fans.
  2. Organic reach
    Different than fan reach because these people aren’t fans, they’re referred to as the rather unfriendly term “non-fans.” Organic reach only records views that are not the result of a friend of a fan’s action. This can tell you when better promotion of your page is necessary.
  3. Engagement
    The number of people, fans or non-fans, that have clicked anywhere on your post. Liking, commenting, sharing and or anything remotely clickable is a form of engagement. Clearly the most important metric thus far, hence the ‘engagement’ title. You’ve said something to get their attention. Now… how to keep it?
  4. People talking about you
    This metric tells you, quite plainly, that your content attracted attention and now engagement. Well done. But now the real test: Did it trigger some sort of interest to follow, or to become a fan – or better yet, to become a brand advocate?
  5. Click Through Rate
    Old hat in the web world, but it still matters. This is the rate that measures effectiveness of email marketing, banner advertising and search engine ads. The good news is that it means the same thing on Facebook as it does in the web world. The bad news is that these rates are typically low.
  6. Negative feedback
    Me no likey. This metric tells you, in no uncertain terms, what some people think of your page, its intrusion or its mere existence. It can come in the form of hiding posts, hiding your entire feed, unliking you or – even worse – reporting you as spam.

Summing up

Generally speaking, these highly informative metrics can be helpful from a marketing standpoint. This article has all sorts of equations and formulas to help you figure out, roughly, the space-time continuum. Or, how to better read, understand and change your brand’s experience to become more successful on Facebook.

But the real Pot ‘o Gold at the end of this post? The fact that we at The Ocean Group can do all this for you so you can go back to enjoying your Facebook metric-free life. Onward!

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