Sports Academy: The Ocean Group designs a “whole-body” digital solution.

Bringing together world-class coaches, trainers, nutrition counselors, and educational therapists, the new Sports Academy opened in Thousand Oaks, California in recent months, offering a uniquely holistic approach to student athletics — and anyone else with a top-fitness focus.

Founded and managed by leading athletes, Sports Academy was originally conceived as a one-stop shop for parents of students involved in sports, with the thought of helping free up time in families’ busy schedules.

As the concept quickly evolved, the company has since expanded its original mission to embrace athletes of all ages and abilities. Parents now train at the same time and the same facility that their children do. And the massive Sports Academy is already growing its reputation as a home for high-performing athletes and even future Olympians – just the sort of sport stars Southern California is famous for. Many successful athletes only get to the top level of performance with the support system of top coaches and, especially, their own families. What Sports Academy brings to the table is the most complete array of professional training, support services and activities under one roof, to ensure its athletes have every advantage – however they plan to use them. This means college, high school, even junior high athletes have access to training and education that had once only been the valuable ‘trade secrets’ of award-winning athletes.

Sports Academy’s multi-disciplinary approach is striking just the right chord with people who are super-serious about sports. And their “full-circle development” philosophy was a natural fit for The Ocean Group — which is where we stepped in.

As an agency known for designing and delivering key brand messaging on all platforms, The Ocean Group was tapped by Sports Academy to develop a brand strategy that hit all the right notes — and to incorporate all the uniqueness, and the high-level performance of the company itself.

Mind. Body. Spirit. We based the new branding concept on Sports Academy’s own areas of focus, a triad that informed each step. The Ocean Group team got it right away: We’re old hands at creating an array of elements that harmonize and work together seamlessly.

We knew the website had to be killer – sleek and authoritative, but exceptionally easy to navigate, and built on bulletproof proprietary software. The logo and graphics had to look clean and serious, but also exciting and accessible – again, like Sports Academy itself. They had to effectively communicate the high-end services Sports Academy offers – visually, verbally and instinctively.

The Ocean Group provided a complete package of custom content and graphics to support their high-end vision: Signage, posters and a series of cutting-edge videos that beautifully capture the Sports Academy mission.

And what’s under the hood is just as powerful: The Ocean Group furnished a full suite of bespoke software, including ecommerce functions and custom CRM system built to handle all the Academy’s present and future needs. The CRM integration was designed to not only allow clients to register for courses and pay fees, staff could manage all internal tasks in real time. This foundational support platform was also constructed to be HIPAA-compliant, so that any sensitive records would be secure at all times.

Once all the parts were designed and put in place, the website was launched and all programs were executed faultlessly across all platforms.

We knew this branding effort had to ultimately reflect the Sports Academy motto: Empowering Human Potential From The Inside Out.

And did The Ocean Group deliver?

See for yourself: Take a look at our solutions for Sports Academy in our Portfolio section.

And let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

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