Olivia Garden

Never a hair out of place: Professional hairdressing tools that shine.

Founded in 1969, Olivia Gardens International, the leader in professional hairdressing tools was facing a dilemma. Change was coming full throttle. They needed to tap into a new, younger, growing and visually-oriented community of hair dressers and the best way to do that is with video. So, they tapped the Ocean Group to produce, cast, and shoot thirty different videos in eight different languages highlighting their incredible and extensive line of professional brushes, scissors and other hairdressing tools.

With over 50 product videos produced in 6 different languages, these videos became the centerpiece of all their marketing communications including their website, social media and email collateral. All in all, it was a hair-raising success.

Our Story: Olivia Garden International

Eco Ceramic Brush

2016 Long Beach ISSE Show

2016 NYFW: Alice + Olivia

Ceramic Thermal Brush




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