Mending Kids

All the best stories are about love: Children, doctors, and the power of story.

There’s no higher purpose than saving the world’s children. So, when the surgeons and doctors at came to us with their mission and their idea of creating awareness by telling the success stories of these children, we jumped headlong into creating the best stories possible. We made ten videos that ranged in length from :30 seconds to ten minutes. We told the story of the kids, the doctors, and the life-saving surgeries that transformed their lives.

By using existing video, recording events, and telling these intimate and powerful stories of the most vulnerable patients and skilled doctors, we were able to then use those videos to market upcoming events via digital channels like Instagram to generate awareness. From music events to celebrity interviews and involvement, it didn’t take long for these life-altering stories to make it on national news outlets and blogs all over the web.

Working on was a privilege and an honor.

Social Media: Save the Date

Documentary Short: Home Town Mission




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