Dupont Circle

A Digital Presence As Dynamic As The Landmark Destination

Capturing the magic of a landmark is not a trivial task. To create a digital hub that expresses all of its creative, diverse and international excitement is a deeper endeavor. This was our challenge when we collaborated with the newly formed Dupont Circle Business Improvement District to launch their digital presence.
We started with a detailed, highly disciplined plan to meet the client’s every need and tight schedule. After collaborating with their design firm, we helped them create a new, unique design platform from which we would develop their website templates. Then we ingested, organized and structured a tremendous amount of data to adequately address every facet of this incredible place. Finally, we implemented a simple and inviting user interface. Thanks to some close work with the Dupont Circle team, we were able to execute swiftly and without delay.
By the time we launched, on time and on budget, the result was something worthy of this unique place. An interactive map, a responsive events calendar and an extensive member directory offer a tremendous resource to both visitors and members. Now, as Dupont Circle moves into its third century, its digital foundation is ready for whatever the future holds.




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